Start a blog to get visitors to your website

One of the ways to get more visitors to your website is to start a blog on a topic related to your website. A blog is nothing more than a collection of articles that are regularly posted on a webpage. Here are some advantages to starting a blog.

Advantages of a blog

1. More keywords

The more text content the site contains, the more keywords it contains, which results in a higher ranking in the search results of search engines.

2. More Links

Link to your blog through social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, or via links in other websites, to share the information with others, so you get more links to your site. This also increases your website ranking in search results of search engines.

3. Interactivity

A blog with an opportunity to comment on by the visitors makes your web site interactive and gives it vitality. This makes it more attractive for visitors to come back more often.

4. Expertise

You will be seen as an expert in your field, if you do a lot of writing and sharing of your knowledge. This strengthens your place in your field.

5. Potential customers

You cultivate blog followers who continue to visit your web site and also recommend it to others. If they are looking for an expert in your field, or a similar service that you offer, you're one of the first whom they will think of and feel confident for doing the job.

What do you write in your blog?

If you don't know what to write, just google on your subject and read as many as you can find about it. Not only will your knowledge expand on that subject, but you can also get ideas for writing your blog.

Keep your blog organized with a header in each section. The header highlights the core of one or more paragraphs. If your blog can be divided into multiple topics or sub-topics, break it up into more than one blog. Not only will the blog be easier to digest, but you will also have enough content to produce multiple blogs.

Don't write a blog every day, because your readers get overwhelmed by the amount of information and they lose interest. One or two blogs a week is sufficient.

Social media

In social media you refer to the new blog article by a direct link to the article on your website. Don't post every hour a link to your blog entry on the same social medium, because that is perceived as spam. A few times a day is good enough, but name the link each time in a different line or with a different introductory sentence. Alternate the tweets to your blog article with other tweets, so it will not be perceived as spamming.

Give a clear title to your blog on the article page, because this title appears when accessing the url link you post on the social media.

Good luck!